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After 30+ years of experience and innovations in the Data, Technology and Marketing fields, I am now sharing my knowledge and guidance with the world. Follow we me on LinkedIn and Twitter.  My journey may be able to help you realize your business or professional vision. 

Services & Solutions

Learn what are key characteristic traits of successful data and technology leaders.  The pathway to becoming a CDO, CIO or CTO is filled with challenges and failures.  Only maneuvering through these obstacles can you truly prepare to lead.  

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Access unbiased data, marketing technology, research, and real successful business solutions covering a wide range of industries.



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Virtual CDO

Learn why a virtual chief data officer may be the right move for your business.  Read the independent articles and research studies here to better understand the value a CDO can offer.

Virtual CIO

A virtual Chief Information Officer can align your business with technology to ensure a cohesive strategy that fits your current and future needs, culture, and vision. Explore strategies of successful CIO and CTO that have led their businesses through technology innovation and growth.

Strategy Consulting

Learn from experts how to properly align your business, data, marketing and technology strategy. MarTech continues to evolve and is now an integral part of most businesses. There are currently over 7,000 marketing technology solutions available. How do you select what is best for you?

Data Acquisition

Let us develop a solid data acquisition strategy for your business. We can help you find, compare, and source the right data. Get expert & unbiased advice from the data expert.

Data Management

Our Data Management practice offers expert advice in the areas of enterprise data strategy, data validation, data modeling, data analysis, big data consulting, data cleansing, and master data management.  

Data Append & Enhancement

Enhance and append your customers and prospect data, quickly and accurately.  We guarantee the highest level of quality at the right price.  Contact us for your free trial append test.

Data Quality

The latest security news, ideas, best practices, and products to protect yourself and business from cyber attacks. A real exchange of critical cybersecurity information.

Data Privacy & Compliance

Do you need to understand what a marketing technology stack consists of? 

Top drivers of data and cloud computing

New Business Models

Nearly 50% of businesses are relying on cloud computing to create new business models and diversifying their revenue streams.

Enterprise Supply Chain

A growing number of businesses are using cloud computing technology to streamline their supply chains.  It is predicted that 56% of businesses will implement cloud base products over the next 3 years.

Big Data Analysis

The newest and hottest sector of cloud computing is Big Data SaaS offerings.  Nearly 60% of business use cloud- based applications to manage and analyze data.

Areas having the greatest positive impact on cloud computing growth


New Business Models


Leveraging Cloud ERP


Big Data Analytics


Collaboration with Customers

Career Advice


Some entrepreneurs feel a college degree is no longer essential to being successful in business.  Though there are some examples of truly extraordinary business leaders, my advice is to focus on your education.


Reaching the pinnacle of any profession requires hard work, perseverance, and not being afraid of failure. There are many paths to realizing your career goals.  Explore different paths or create your own.


Don’t be afraid to adopt and experiment with new technologies.  Just like in investing there is little reward without some element of risk.  Embrace open source innovation and apply it to bring efficiency and value to your business.