How Storytelling Makes for More Effective Data Comprehension

Click to learn more about author Bernard Brode. Once upon a time, humans communicated meaning through stories. Epic tales of adventure and intrigue, memorable myths of heroes and their trials and travails — these were the parameters around which people framed their...

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Seven Common Misconceptions Businesses Have About Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Click to learn more about author Irfan Ak. Artificial intelligence and big data are two of the hottest and most discussed topics in the tech circle. Despite this, there are many misconceptions surrounding both big data and artificial intelligence. There is a lot of...

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How to Transform into a Data-Driven Organization?

Click to learn more about author Konain Qurban. It is a journey to ensure the alignment of analytics initiatives to organizational objectives, combined with consistent and effective coordination of activities across all business units. The road from a pile of raw data...

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K-Anonymization: An Introduction for First Graders

Click to learn more about author John Murray. Now that privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) have become a subject of dinner table conversations, our research team continues to field questions on these complex topics which can be difficult to explain. As part of this...

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Time based heatmaps in R

Time based heatmaps in R     Tutorial Scenario In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at heatmaps of Seattle 911 calls by various time periods and by type of incident.  This awesome dataset is available as part of the open data project.  ...

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