Data Management & Processing Services

Leverage proven data management techniques and tools to ensure optimal data quality and completeness.

Ensure The Highest Level of Data Quality

Maximize the value of your critical data asset by implementing a comprehensive data management process. Today’s data driven businesses require quality, accurate, current and complete information.

Master Data Management (MDM) is A Key Requirement

MDM is a fundamental requirement to a data driven digital transformation. Having a holistic data governance plan helps your business consistently maintain and deliver high quality data. .

A Holistic and Comprehensive Data Management Framework

Design, development and implementation of a complete data management framework customized to your business and industry. Utilize proven data technologies and techniques throughout the entire lifecycle helping you to maximize the value of your data assets. 

Email Verification & Hygiene

Identify and remove invalid email addresses from your database. Beyond a high bounce rate, they can damage your mailing reputation.That will lead to poor performing marketing campaigns. .

Address Standardization & Validation

Ensure that your postal address is deliverable by verifying that your data adheres to US Postal Service standards.  Your data must be “deliver point validated” by the USPS ZIP+4 file.

Phone Number Verification

Make sure that your phone numbers in your database are valid. Verify that the phone numbers you have are active and able to receive calls and or text.  You can choose to validate at point of entry, or as a batch process. 

AI Matching & De-Duplication

This is not the same old Fuzzy matching logic. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you can match, group, and deduplicate data with ease and speed.


Data Append & Enhancement

Enhance your 1st party data with the highest quality information. Get a complete picture of your customer and prospects. Leverage a multi sourced consumer and business database to fill the gaps in your data.

National Change of Address

Millions of consumers and businesses move each year. The NCOALink® process leverages the USPS National Change of Address database to update your data with the latest postal address.


Deceased Suppression

Suppress deceased consumers and business contacts from your database. This will save you money, improve marketing results, and reduce embarrassment and complaints.


Data Privacy & Compliance

Ensure effective data privacy in an uncertain world. Implement a data privacy compliance framework to manage regulatory compliance risks and mitigate the threat of data breaches.

Data Quality Score

A data quality score can be calculated for every consumer and business contact record.  It is based on the average of the scores for each key consumer and business contact attribute.  

5 Important Reasons For Outsourcing Data Management and Processing


1. Enhance Productivity

Your data will be well categorized, maintained and easily accessible. This will let you can focus on your core business. 

2. Improved Data Quality

Quality Data is a critical prerequisite for delivering accurate Business Analytics and Insights. 

3. Shortage of data engineering resources

In today’s data centric business world there is a major shortage of available data engineering resources.  It can take a company up to six months or longer to recruit, hire and train a strong data engineer.

4. Keeping up with data compliance and regulations

In today’s business world of evolving data privacy and regulations, it is important to ensure your business is up to date on all the data privacy laws and it taking all the necessary steps to be fully compliant.

5. Cost and Time Savings

Outsourcing data management to an experienced consultant with a proven track record will save your business time and money.

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