Einstein Platform: Fuel for AI-enabled World

Brief Overview of  SalesforceEinstein — APIs that allow building AI-powered apps fast.

Recently, Salesforce — one of the world’s progressive CRM platforms introduced a new set of powerful APIs responding to data science communities around the globe.

AI-adopters are exhausted of waiting for stable, versatile enterprise-level solutions to harness the power of the latest AI-based technologies which natively integrated with tools being used across any successful business processes — sales automation, services, and marketing.

So, would be nice of Einstein Platform to be one of the most promising candidates to deal with existing machine intelligence integration probs making significant progress towards “AI-For-Everyone & Fast”.

Personalizing Experience Like Never Before — EASY?

No matter if you’re in SMB segment or you represent a part of enterprise-level company — behind each usage of your products stands a real customer expecting relevant experience every new interaction with your business outcomes and processes, and even — harder, better, faster, stronger!

Let’s Fix that, but — HOW?

Building personalization engines, or at least evaluation of our abilities to do, brings us to one of most common problems which lots of businesses face: how existing data is being historically organized and processed? 

The problem usually appears along with the increasing data volume, the total number of data sources even can be explained as a reaction to positive trends in your customer acquisition and engagement strategies.
It’s all OK, but since we want to make data-driven decisions to surround each unique customer by truly personalized environment — all components in our system should process data extremely fast, means to store, enrich, evaluate and score, deliver using different channels according to complex scenarios, re-train classifiers, keep personal levels of coffee incoming to boost as frequently as possible and so on. In addition, we need to take into account that all of these speed-related metrics and factors affect not only on the customer side. Employees also “feel” this effect, as a key executive component in business, since the process in some cases cannot be entirely replaced by systems with desired human-level intelligence. Interesting fact, that decisions recommended by machine have a quite strong level of acceptance, namely:

61% of employees expect artificial intelligence that automates or assists in work-related activities to have a major or moderate impact on their daily work lives. — Salesforce Research

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Einstein Platform: Fuel for AI-enabled World