Learn Python in 3 days : Step by Step Guide

This tutorial helps you to get started with Python. It’s a step by step practical guide to learn Python by examples. Python is an open source language and it is widely used as a high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. It has gained high popularity in data science world. As data science domain is rising these days, IBM recently predicted demand for data science professionals would rise by more than 25% by 2020. In the PyPL Popularity of Programming language index, Python scored second rank with a 14 percent share. In advanced analytics and predictive analytics market, it is ranked among top 3 programming languages for advanced analytics.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Python
    • Python 2.7 vs. 3.6
    • Python for Data Science
    • How to install Python?
    • Spyder Shortcut keys
    • Basic programs in Python
    • Comparison, Logical and Assignment Operators
  2. Data Structures and Conditional Statements
    • Python Data Structures
    • Python Conditional Statements
  3. Python Libraries
    • List of popular packages (comparison with R)
    • Popular python commands
    • How to import a package
  4. Data Manipulation using Pandas
    • Pandas Data Structures – Series and DataFrame
    • Important Pandas Functions (vs. R functions)
    • Examples – Data analysis with Pandas
  5. Data Science with Python
    • Logistic Regression
    • Decision Tree
    • Random Forest
    • Grid Search – Hyper Parameter Tuning
    • Cross Validation
    • Preprocessing Steps