Top 5 Virtual Reality Companies Looking To Change The World

Truly a game-changer, the technology behind virtual reality is aimed to make one’s interaction with technology more personal. In simple words, VR technologies are designed to build up a virtual environ with which you can interact with 3D computer simulations in some physical way. Wearable equipment like gloves or headsets acts as needed aides to feel the interaction physically. It can be mentioned here that VR banks on two most important senses- sound & sight. Though it’s largely used in the online gaming world yet VR technology can have applications in other industries as well, including education, retail, medical, travel or e-commerce.

The year 2016 witnesses a lofty pique in attention surrounding Virtual Reality technology with some of the biggest tech honchos investing in it. Last year, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift (headset to aid in experiencing VR in gaming) under a whopping $2 billion deal which marked the biggest sale from the VR field till date.

The post below is a brief on 5 companies who are planning to make it big in the Virtual technology world.


When it comes to cultivating the latest of technologies, Microsoft definitely comes in top 5. The company has already filed 365 patents for Virtual Reality technologies. As per the reports, it has released Hololens that enables interaction with hologram via a headset. The very headset is targeting pros such as engineers or architects or designers or construction- who can use the VR accessory infield to bring ideas and plans to live.


One of the biggest investors in Virtual Reality, Qualcomm has joined hands with Google & many other such VR patrons to fund for Florida-based company Magic Leap under a $542 million deal. Magic Leap is experimenting with VR technology & Qualcomm has got some really high hopes from it. The company has already filed its patents under the name of “Data Processing” – an advance computing method specially designed for commercial, financial, administrative, supervisory, forecasting or managerial purposes.


Samsung’s first notable brush with VR technology carries an adorable touch as the leading oriental tech tycoon used the VR stimulation to live stream a childbirth to a dad’s headset- as the father was unable to be at the hospital on a special day. The company joined hands with Vortex to create mobile Virtual Reality headset ($100) that streams display on G3 Quad LG HD smartphone. As per the reports, Samsung’s VR efforts seem to be greater in quality compared to Microsoft, even when the latter has more patents.


The discussion would be incomplete without the mention of Google who has been surprising the tech world with interesting VR accessories for some time now. In 2014, the company launched “Cardboard”- a cardboard viewer that enables users to use mobile handsets as AR/VR platform. News has it that the tech biggies is on huge plans to come up with its “true” Virtual Reality headset this year that can pose serious competition to Samsung’s VR Gear.


Microgaming is all set to infuse VR technology in the online gambling world in a big way with its first ever VR Roulette game. The company’s Cryolab revealed a VR video at 2016 ICE to inform the world about the VR Roulette that would be used with Leap Motion 3D Controller and Oculus Rift DK 2 headset. The game is meant to study analog communication across virtual & real environments- tracking gamer’s hand movements & then projecting the data into 3D world.


Top 5 Virtual Reality Companies Looking To Change The World